My ethics & spirituality

As a healer and spiritual coach I strive to:

  • Always act and treat the client with love, respect and consideration
  • Observe confidentiality in my activities as a healer and coach
  • Always urge the client to see a doctor if he is in obvious need of this
  • Never urge the customer to interrupt ongoing medical care and medication
  • Be honest and have an open and clean mindset
  • Take personal responsibility for my life situation and trust my inner resources
  • Trust my own inner guidance and see both positive and negative experiences as opportunities for development and experience
  • Respect other people’s choices in life without judging or blaming anyone

As a healer, mindfulness teacher and coach I follow these ethics:

This is originally from the Spirit Rock Meditation Centre.

Suffering caused by destruction of life

Aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, I commit to cultivating compassion and learning ways to protect human, animal and plant life.

Suffering caused by social injustice

Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, theft and oppression, I pledge to cultivate loving-kindness and learn ways to work for the well-being of people, animals and plants. I am determined not to steal and not to own anything that should belong to others.

Suffering caused by inattentive speech

Aware of the suffering caused by inattentive speech and the inability to listen to others and their suffering, I promise to cultivate loving speech and deep listening.

Suffering caused by unconscious consumption

Aware of the suffering caused by mindless consumption, I pledge to cultivate good health—both physical and mental—for myself, my family, and my community by training myself to be consciously present in the way I eat, drink, and consume.

My spirituality

The spirituality I am practicing and embodiyng is not something I have added, it has always been with me. I have always loved the mystical – but it was not until my training in yoga, mindfulness meditation, reiki and shamanism that I found the perfect mix.

My spirituality is a combination of:

  • Shamanism 
  • the buddhist mindfulness practice of loving awareness 
  • the yogic way to enlightenment and 
  • the system of Reiki healing

These four are the foundation of my spirituality and my practice. It is a perfect mix of intellectual, embodied and felt-sense. 

Shamanism is not new age, it’s stone age. It was the spiritual practice all over the world since at least 30.000 years ago, while it’s only the last 2,000 years or so that we’ve practised monotheistic traditions and religions. Shamanism is the belief in a spirited world where all living things has awareness. It’s not a religion or a dogm, and there are no priests or gurus. It is your own sense of connection to the divine and to nature. 

In shamanism the world is constantly in creation, it never stops. As a living being you take part in this creation, consciously or not and you take responsibility for your own health and wellness. I would like my part to be of the benefit and highest good of all, not just for me. This led me to become a healer, which is how I feel I can best be of service to the world.

The eastern philosophies of yoga and buddhism bring so much wisdom and heart and have been practiced by millions and millions all over hte world for so long. I feel a deep reverence for these teachings and they provide a very stable spiritual ground to stand upon. 

Reiki is like yoga an emboided experience of the divine, and it’s priciples are both buddhist and shamanic. 

My spiritual practice

The way I practice is three-legged:

Shamanic journeying, meditation, prayer

Journeying for the shaman is what meditation is in the eastern wisdom traditions, and praying in the monotheistic religions. I do all of these. I journey to the unseen realms to bring healing and information to this realm, I meditate to still my mind and center my heart, I pray so that I can have an ongoing communication with the divine.


Practical, hands-on healing is my calling and my way of being of service to the world. I work with reiki-healing and shamanic healing, whatever suits the client most. I also heal myself, to be a more whole presence in this world.


I discovered yoga a decade ago and it made me come into my body. The body is the vessel and the home for our souls in this life, and to take care of it and be at home in it is for me a non-negotional part of living a spiritual life. You cannot bypass the body and be a true mystic. I practice yoga every day, even if it's only for a few moments.

Som mindfulnessmeditationslärare och healer följer jag denna etik:

Denna etik är inspirerad från meditations-centret Spirit Rock i USA, grundat av en av mina lärare Jack Kornfield. Den är i sin tur baserade på de 5 reglerna/förhållningssätten som buddhistiska munkar följer.

Lidande av förstörelse av liv
Medveten om det lidande som orsakas av förstörelse av liv, åtar jag mig att odla medkänsla och lära mig sätt att skydda människors, djurs och växters liv.
Lidande av social orättvisa

Medveten om det lidande som orsakas av exploatering, social orättvisa, stöld och förtryck, lovar jag att odla kärleksfull omtanke och lära mig sätt att arbeta för människors, djurs och växters välbefinnande. Jag är fast besluten att inte stjäla och inte äga något som borde tillhöra andra.

Lidande av ouppmärksamt tal
Medveten om det lidande som orsakas av ouppmärksamt tal och oförmågan att lyssna på andra och deras lidande, lovar jag att odla kärleksfullt tal och djupt lyssnande.
Lidande av omedveten konsumtion
Medveten om det lidande som orsakas av omedveten konsumtion, lovar jag att odla god hälsa – både fysiskt och mentalt – för mig själv, min familj och mitt samhälle genom att träna mig i att vara medvetet närvarande i hur jag äter, dricker, och konsumerar.