Imagine living your life with a sense of peace and purpose. That you are actually doing what feels deeply meaningful and satisfying to you, not just what is expected of you? 

That every day is a blessing and YOU get to choose your reality. That you are surrounded by beauty and love, instead of feeling alone and unsafe. 

A life filled with peace, sense of community, truthfulness, authenticity and tolerance. With your spiritual abilities fully awakened and your creativity flowing. Never again shrinking yourself or hiding your spirituality. 

It’s time to deconstruct the version of you that is based on fears and other people’s projections. The one you became just to cope with the toxic culture of western civilisation.

You know that this version of you is not who YOU truly are.

YOU are a being of LOVE and it’s high time to leave this operating-mode based on fear behind, because you are ready to soar! Let’s clear everything that is blocking your light from shining. Love is already inside you, waiting to spread out into every aspect of your life.

a spiritual teacher and healer here to help you shift from fear to love, so that you can create a deeply meaningful life that feels right for YOU

Reiki Master – I have met with hundreds of clients and deepened and strenghtened my Reiki channeling. I now do individual sessions as well as offer my 1 Month program - Reiki Foundations.

Certified mindfulness meditation teacher from The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Sounds True and University of California’s Greater Good Science Center.

Certified Shaman healer

Certified yoga teacher

As a twinflame in sacred union with my counterpart I know how powerful we as souls are, and how much strength we actually have within us. Love and freedom is our birthright and that means you can have it too!

But being a healer and teacher was not how I showed up before my spiritual awakening and meeting my twinflame. As a sensitive and spiritual child with no one to talk to about these things, I withdrew and settled with a feeling of being wrong in some fundamental way.

Can you relate?

I put my energy into surviving in this world, doing what I perceived was expected of me. I was convinced that in order to “make it” I had to leave my true self behind and conform. Following my heart’s longing did not even occur to me.

My biggest fears were to show my true self and be rejected for it, along with not being able to support myself financially and facing the shame connected to that. So I modeled myself in a way that made sure I wouldn’t have to face those fears. I created a smaller version of myself and chose a profession that would guarantee me status and income. Check!

I spent almost 30 years in this fear mode. 

(And let me make it clear – operating from fear doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel the fear. I didn’t feel afraid at all! It means you contract and hide, rather than expand and show yourself.)

Then, more than 10 years ago now, things changed. It was time for me to start my real work. 

I just KNEW there was something else for me out there, something I should be doing and someone I should be with. My soul was longing to reunite with my twinflame (but at that time I had no clue of the concept of twinflames or soul mission for that matter…) and to realise my true potential, so that I could live as the embodiment of Love and help the evolution of consciousness of the planet (and live a much happier life as my true self!). And so that leg of my journey started! 

I met my twinflame and together we started to heal. I had so many layers of self-doubt, shame and fear of authenticity that I would NEVER had dared to think that I would become a healer with unconditional love as a an offering. This healing wasn’t always easy to say the least, but after a while I started seeing these soul lessons as gifts from spirit, appearing as challenges. I wouldn’t receive the lessons if I wasn’t ready for them. 

All of this deep healing made me ready for my soul mission – to be a teacher and guide for others to step into love and leave the fear, so that we together can shift the energy of this planet and make it a better place.

You see, when trapped in fear mode, we don’t give ourselves the love we need to be fully present in the now. We show up as smaller versions of our true nature, and we don’t make use of our power or purpose.

Our planet desperately needs our love now. And you need your love so that you can start following your guidance. Fear is the voice in your head saying you shouldn’t do what you long for (to take the risk and live an authentic life). It’s the voice saying your needs don’t matter.

But they do! Your intuitive longing is a direct communication with the divine and you came here to act on it. Not only for yourself (because you will be so happy you did) but for the awakening of love all over the world, so that this could be the best planet ever to live on!

I know there are many of you out there just like me, and that you are ready to become your authentic self & to unleash your true spiritual purpose on this planet. 

You have already done a lot of work, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. You have already set out on your spiritual awakening journey and are willing to heal even what scares you the most. You are ready to finally shift from fear to love and become your powerful authentic self.


A journey to the best you

My mission is to ignite spiritual people like you to operate from love instead of fear by guiding you through your spiritual awakening, healing deep seated wounds and trauma and re-connecting you to your true essence and soul path so that you become free to live life the way you truly desire.


With loving awareness, energy healing sessions, channelled guidance and the ancient wisdom teachings of mindfulness and shamanism, I will hold space for you while you meet your fears head on, overcome and heal them once and for all. So that you can finally be free and get to action on your dreams and heart’s desires.

This is what you get when you work with me

“The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.” – Henri J.M. Nouwen

Deep experience

As a twin flame soul in sacred union with my counterpart I know how painful and intense the journey to love can be. I also know the feeling of seeing through the illusion and choosing love. This is when life starts for real, when you finally can get working on your soul mission with full power!

Individual healing & coaching

In my sessions I offer a healing and spiritual experience tailored to you. You receive individual healing and personal spiritual coaching to promote your well-being and self-discovery. Everything is designed to guide you on your inner journey and help you reach your full potential. We create space for healing, change and spiritual development in your life.

Spiritual guidance

In a session with me, you have the opportunity to receive valuable spiritual guidance and insight. Through my channeling from spirit, you will receive deep insights and advice that can help you in your life's journey. The guidance is tailored to your unique needs and questions, and it can act as a signpost towards a more harmonious and meaningful life.