The 1 Month Intensive

A month of quantum leaps on your spiritual journey

My 1 month intensive coaching program is a mix of deep healing, activations of healing abilities, learning of potent techniques and support and guidance from me as your coach.

It is a chance for you to experience new levels of spirituality, and new depths beyond the person you thought you were. You will rediscover your spiritual abilities and gifts, awaken them with my guidance, so that you can use them safely and with confidence in your daily life from now on.

As a coach and guide, I meet you with the deepest respect, not as superior to you but as an equal. I see in you what you might not see – the sleeping wisdom and mystical gifts that are ready to blossom in you. Together we rediscover your true nature, and make you comfortable with the new you that emerges. 

There’s no curriculum (it’s not a course) so the content of the month will vary depending on your deepest longings and needs. 

What you need to be able to receive this is a true desire for authenticity. You don’t need to be a skilled healer or have a very developed spirituality. This is a program for everyone who  knows that it’s time to follow the path of the heart. It’s for you if you’re tired of being “normal” (because you know this is not the real you!). 

My deepest wish for you is to step out of this program empowered, with the techniques, tools and insights to craft your dream life, feeling supported and embracing your uniqueness.

This and more is what you can expect from the program

  • Reiki activation level 1, 2 or 3 (this alone has a value of 500 euro/usd or 5500 sek!!)
  • Masterclass on cutting energetic cords to people and situations
  • Past life healing
  • Soul retrieval (retrieving a lost part of you so that you get your power back)
  • Reuniting with your power animal
  • Guidance with tarot and oracle cards
  • Masterclass on guiding spirits (ghosts) to the light
  • Masterclass on space clearing
  • Meeting your spirit guides
  • Learning shamanic journeying – so that you can, whenever you want to, journey yourself past the waking mind to the hidden realms to get guidance and healing
  • Mindfulness meditations to settle in your body – the portal through which the transformation takes place
  • Masterclass on energy
  • Relationship healing
  • Twin flame coaching

You never again want to ask yourself “What am I supposed to do with my life?”, but you do want to:

  • Reduce physical pain in yourself, your children, your partner, family, friends & pets
  • Go from being anxious and worried to calm and centered 
  • Clear out negative or heavy energy from your system (before they turn into disease/pain/depression etc)
  • Clear negative or heavy energy from your physical space – your home, workplace, school etc
  • Be more open to the spiritual world 
  • Have an established contact with your guides
  • Feel a strong sense of purpose with your life
  • Have more magic in your everyday-life
  • Take big steps (leaps!) to becoming the advanced healer and mystic you know deep down you are

A month of advanced spiritual guidance, deep healing, new tools and magical synchronicities

Your investment

Your time: 4 x 75 min  sessions + homework = 2-3 hours/week for 1 month.

In addition to your time, you get my full support during the program. You not only recieve deep healing and activations, you also get the best material and information I have found on my own quest for spiritual wisdom. I have picked the absolute best from the studies and certifications I have spent several years in, and I now share them with you.

All this for 500 Euros / 530 USD / 5900 SEK

Client feedback

“Bigger than my dreams

Ellen showed the way in what I was ready for. My dream came true and now I’m even experiencing things I couldn’t dream of. Every step forward on the shamanic path becomes healing for our world. I am grateful to be part of the whole and look forward to all future journeys together with guides and fellow human beings. Warm and heartfelt thanks, Ellen!”


“It has been incredibly developing and inspiring. I got a fresh start. It feels like the beginning of the rest ✨.

I’ve gotten a clearer picture of myself, it’s not completely clear yet, but I’m seeing more and more. I feel that the development really continues after the coaching has ended and that for the first time I experience progress in my journey. Not only do I dare to see my weak parts now, but I have also been given the power and tools to deal with them. They no longer overturn my abilities and I can now give myself the opportunity to succeed. I am so fascinated and so incredibly grateful to have experienced Ellen’s genuine ability to make the way forward visible to me.”

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