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“Shamanism is a way of life that connects us to the very pulse of life. It invites us to step into the mystery and experience the wonder of existence in every moment.”

/Sandra Ingerman

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About Shamanic Healing

The word “shaman” probably originates from the Tungusic language, which was spoken by the Evenk people, or Tungus as they were formerly called, in present-day Russia. In that case it would mean “the one who knows”. But the origin is disputed and there is also a theory that it comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and roughly means “wandering holy person”.

A shaman practices shamanism, and it can be described in many ways. It is a view of life where nature is animated and that all living things have a consciousness of some kind. Not necessarily a human consciousness or a perception of an “I”. Nature, or really the universe, consists of energies, forms and vibrations, all of which are interconnected. And the one who practices shamanic techniques is a kind of mediator between these and the different planes of existence.

Being a shaman can mean a lot of different things, just like being a musician or an artist. It is a title that is used around the world and is sometimes closely linked to the local culture. In the West, shamanic culture and practice have largely been lost since the advent of Christianity, but now more and more people are beginning to feel drawn to this ancient way of life. Some call it “neo-shamanism” and there is no template for what it should look like. For many, walking a shamanic path is not an active choice, it is more of a fate that falls upon one. It is interesting to follow the development now that society is once again beginning to open up to an existence where even the invisible can exist and where we try to live more harmoniously with each other and nature.

Being a shaman or doing shamanic work is close to what a medium does. Or the experiences many can have in dreams, or in meditation. For me, it’s about being in touch with nature and the spiritual and gathering information that is available and that the client can use for their higest good. It can also be about balancing and filling up with good energy. Shamanic healing is powerful and has the ability to heal deeply.

The fact that information can be available has to do with the fact that we all consist of energy, and that energy is not divided but is connected to everything else. We all have a particle state, and a quantym state where time and locality does not exist. It is to this state the shaman journeys to gather information and perform healing.

A session with me

All my sessions are available online or in person, in Swedish or English.

Before each session, I prepare myself by meditating and seting up a sacred space. I also call on the spirit helpers to assist in the healing.

During the session, you lie or sit, fully clothed, either on the massge table or on a chair. I put myself in a meditative state and journey to the non-ordinary reality to obtain the information or energy that the client should receive.

This journey usually takes about 15 minutes. I will then tell you what I have learned and the healing that was performed, and we will discuss this further – for example what is needed of the client to really bring about the desired change in the ordinary reality.


These are examples of  different healings that are common:

Past life healing – relatively common when we need to heal phobias and fears and memories from past lives that don’t serve us.

Soul retrieval – in the event of trauma, we can lose some of our energy/part of our soul. In this healing, we retrieve this piece of ourselves to feel better and heal the trauma.

Ancestral healing – we may have inherited beliefs and behaviors that are not really ours, here we cut the ties to these.

As a client, you don’t choose which one you want, my spirit guides do.

This is a safe healing where you are taken care of as a client. There is time for your questions and interprestations and if needed I check up on you after a week.

This is the right healing to choose if you feel drawn to it, but also if you have been struggling for a while with negative patterns in life. Something that other healing or therapies haven’t really worked on. 

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”Jag har gått på reikibehandlingar hos Ellen ett par år nu. Hon har magiska händer som gör att jag alltid kommer därifrån fullt avslappnad med ny energi och all stress är som bortblåst”

/Cecilia L.

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