The Reiki Foundations Program

Are you ready to become a healer?

The Reiki Foundations Coaching Program is a highly individualised, 1-Month program in which you will activate your own Reiki Healing abilitiy and receive the skilled guidance and support you need to unlock your full potential and create the change you truly desire.

Reiki, as you’re about to discover, is a beautiful and powerful practice that has the potential to bring profound changes to your life. Whether you are completely new to Reiki or have some experience, this program is designed to nurture your growth and understanding of this incredible healing art.

As your guide and mentor, my goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to explore Reiki in a meaningful and practical way. Throughout the program, you will receive in-depth lessons, practice exercises, and guidance to ensure your success in this fascinating journey.

This program is an investment of your time, energy and money. Success depends upon you showing up to your investment. Do the work, and you will experience real, and lasting transformation.

Sessions in English or Swedish.

You want to be able to balance, boost and harmonize energy so that you can:

  • Reduce physical pain in yourself, your children, your partner, family, friends & pets
  • Go from being anxious and worried to calm and centered 
  • Clear out negative or heavy energy from your system (before they turn into disease/pain/depression etc)
  • Clear negative or heavy energy from your physical space – your home, workplace, school etc
  • Be more open to the spiritual world (YES, Reiki is totally a gateway straight to enlightenment and mystical experiences)

This is what you'll get

  • 3 powerful activations of the Reiki healing energy – an ability which will stay with you forever
  • 3 x 90 minutes individual online sessions where you’ll learn everything you need to know about Reiki healing to be able to heal yourself, your friends, family, pets – yes, well ANYTHING you want
  • Support in between sessions
  • Practice – so you know exactly how to start & stop the Reiki energy
  • Advice & tips on how, where and when to use Reiki
  • Questionnaires prior to sessions – to make the most out of each

Your own healing ability activated for this lifetime and beyond

Your investment

Your time: 4,5 hours in sessions + homework = 2 hours/week for 1 month

All this for 490 Euros / 530 USD / 5500 SEK