About Shamanic healing

The word "shaman" probably originates from the Tungusic language, which was spoken by the Evenk people, or Tungus as they were formerly called, in present-day Russia. In that case it would mean "the one who knows". But the origin is disputed and there is also a theory that it comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and roughly means "wandering holy person"

A shaman practices shamanism, and it can be described in many ways. It is a view of life where nature is animated and that all living things have a consciousness of some kind. Not necessarily a human consciousness or a perception of one "I". Nature, or really the universe, consists of energies, forms and vibrations, all of which are interconnected. And the one who practices shamanic techniques is a kind of mediator between these and the different planes of existence. 

Att vara shaman kan betyda väldigt mycket olika saker, precis som att vara musiker eller konstnär. Det är en titel som används runt om i världen och som ibland är tätt sammanlänkad med den lokala kulturen. I väst har den shamanska kulturen och utövandet till stor del gått förlorad sedan kristendomens intåg, men nu börjar fler och fler känna sig dragna till denna gamla livsåskådning. En del kallar det ”nyshamanism” och det finns ingen mall för hur det ska se ut. För många är det inte ett aktivt val att vandra en shamansk väg, det är mer en lott som faller på en. Det är intressant att följa utvecklingen nu när samhället återigen börjar öppna för en tillvaro där även det osynliga får finnas och där vi försöker leva mer harmoniskt med varandra och naturen.

Att vara shaman eller utföra shamanskt ”arbete” ligger nära vad ett medium gör. Eller de upplevelser många kan ha i drömmar, eller i meditation. För mig handlar det om att ha kontakt med naturen och det andliga och inhämta information som är tillgänglig och som klienten har nytta av. Det kan också handla om att balansera och fylla på med fin energi. Shamansk healing är stark och har förmågan att läka riktigt på djupet. 

The fact that information can be available has to do with the fact that we all consist of energy basically, and that energy is not divided but is connected to everything else. I am also fond of natural science and this about energy and the interconnectedness of the universe "field" is something that quantum physics investigates and which the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 awarded. 

A session

During a shamanic treatment/session, you lie or sit, fully clothed, either on the treatment bench or on a chair. I put myself in a meditative state and "travel" to obtain the information or energy that the client should receive. It is obviously only in my consciousness that I travel. This usually takes about 15 minutes. I will then tell you what I have learned, and we will discuss this further. As simple as that. 

Sometimes the client immediately understands what it is about, sometimes it can take a while. I make no interpretations of the information I get, I deliver it exactly as I have perceived it.

The different variants of this healing that I do are broadly:

  • Past-life healing – relatively common when we need to heal phobias and fears
  • Soul retrieval - in the event of trauma, we can lose some of our energy/part of our soul. In this healing, we retrieve this piece of ourselves to feel better and hopefully get past the trauma.
  • Ancestral healing - we may have inherited beliefs and behaviors that are not really ours, here we cut the ties to these.

As a client, you don't choose which kind you want, it will reveal itself in my journey.

This cannot be explained by today's science, and it can seem really mysterious to many. I fully understand that, I have been there myself. But after a few years of practice, I've put my prejudices aside, because I see the beautiful results. We may not need to explain everything, but can think of this kind of healing as a daydream or a fantasy that can actually make a big difference to our well-being. I have no ambitions to try to convince skeptics, I think that those who feel drawn to this are the ones who should book a session. 

In any case, it is a nice and safe treatment where you are taken care of as a client. I do not use any props and it is quiet and peaceful during the treatment. We talk before and after, and in some cases we check in again after a week. 

It works just as well to do the treatment remotely, I often do that. Then we will meet in an online meeting instead.

This is the right healing to choose if you feel drawn to it, but also if you have been struggling for a while with negative patterns in life. Something that other healing or therapies haven't really worked on. Please note that this is absolutely not a substitute for healthcare and that you should feel stable psychologically as a client.

I am not part of any organization or group for shamanic healing and there is no "guru" to listen to. The person you should listen to is yourself and what feels right to you. 

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