Mina tjänster


To be treated with so much respect and warmth by an absolutely fantastic Reiki healer like Ellen is something I can warmly recommend to anyone who has ever thought about healing. Life changing.


"I have been seeing Ellen for reiki treatments for a couple of years now. She has magical hands that makes me completely relaxed with new energy and all the stress is blown away."


"I can really recommend Ellen's treatments. She is warm, clairvoyant and accurate. You are treated well and confirmed. A valuable investment in yourself.”


"Ellen gives both a professional and warm impression. Clear information about what she sees and what is expected of you afterwards (I was on shamanic treatment last time but have also received reiki from her). Really recommend!”


”Words do not adequately express how life-changing Ellen’s work has been to me. Ellen has an artful way of weaving the unknown and the complex into action. Action that benefits all souls – all who are present and show themselves. I value the way Ellen applies knowledge and is also willing to explore the unknown. Ellen feels like someone who takes you by the hand and walks through the fog with you. I moved into a home that was almost 200 years old and had gotten to the point where I was not even able to sleep through the night. Ellen had several sessions with me and not only changed the aura of our house, but changed my perspective of how I approach the unknown – just as Ellen does. With kindness, firmness, and grace.”  


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